Every effort has been made to keep these documents as current and accurate as possible, but it may be that they could be out of date. Please make sure you are utilizing the current policies and forms for your reference and reporting.

This collection is a mixture of document types. PDF files require a viewer such as Adobe Reader or FoxIt (windows only) to open. XLS files are a Microsoft Excel format but you can get a free windows only viewer (Excel Viewer 2003) to read and print the files (please be aware you can't edit them). Additionally Open Office is a free office suite that can also open and edit XLS files. The only issue I know of with using Open Office is that the quarterly report macros will not work.

Society Financial Policy (April 12, 2015 edition)[ PDF ]
Kingdom Financial Policy (July 18, 2015 edition)[ PDF ]
Bank Account Request Form[ XLS ] last bullet under Society Financial Policies

Kingdom Exchequers Handbook (Oct 2007 Edition)[ PDF ]
Branch Exchequers Handbook (Oct 2007 Edition)[ PDF ]

SCA Corporate Documents
Articles of incorporation[ PDF ]
IRS Letter confirming the SCA's 501(c)(3) status[ PDF ]
Theft Procedures (from Corporate, June 2000)[ PDF ]
Gate Workers NMS "Cheat Sheet"[ PDF ]
NMS Policy (revised July 1, 2015)[ PDF ]
Letter to Seneschals and Exchequers (May 25, 2015)[ PDF ]

Ansteorran-Specific Documents
Who to Contact When Cancelling Events (October 28, 2015<)[ PDF ]