Chancellor of the Exchequer

HL Eleanor of Forth Castle

Updates from the Kingdom Exchequer

Date Announcement
Round Table 7-2015 All branches must maintain a check register in an electronic format. The check register should include all cumulative transactions between the beginning of the year and the current reporting date.
Round Table 7-2015 All branch treasurers are requested to use their email address supplied by the Kingdom - it should have the format of "Office Name" at "Branch Name" dot If you don't have access to that email address, please email the Kingdom Exchequer, and we'll get you set-up.
Round Table 7-2014 All Branches are requested to use the Quarterly Report supplied by the SCA Exchequer for all Monthly Reporting. This change will enable branches to use the same form throughout the year, with the intention that this change will allow the End of Year (December Cumulative) Report work to be finalized more smoothly for everyone.

Regional Deputy Exchequers

Central HL Aaliz du Lac
Northern HL Aubrey Ericsdatter
Southern Lord Adrian William Thames

Specialty Deputy Treasurers

Emergency Replacement Deputy Mistress Elsa von Snackenberg
Nonmember Registration (NMR) Deputy Lady Astridr Flokadottir
Chamberlain HL Calena di Rosa Nero
Training Deputy Open for Applications
Send applications to the Kingdom Exchequer
Domesday Deputy HL Sabine lefevre d'Armignac
Gulf War Financial Deputy Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna